eGreen Cars – A Solution for Buying & Selling Green Cars Online

If you are familiar with shopping for cars online then you have probably heard of sites like Auto Trader, Carmax and more. Many of theses sites do feature green and fuel efficient car sections on their sites but that is about it. If you are looking for a site that is completely dedicated to being San Diego’s ultimate solution for buying and selling both new, used green and certified fuel-efficient cars then is defiantly a site to visit.

eGreen Cars

eGreen Cars is not just focused on buying and selling but also education. They have a wealth of articles and reviews on Green cars and the benefits associated with fuel-efficient vehicles. There is even a useful feature that calculates the financial difference of owning your current car compared a more fuel-efficient car you may be interested in purchasing. was co-founded by long time friends Curt Lindeman and Jason Davis. eGreen Cars is the result of their quest to build a successful business that gives back to the community and the environment.

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