The Solar Process

A solar panel can be used as part of a larger photovoltaic system to generate and supply electricity in commercial and residential buildings.There are three primary steps that go into a home having solar energy. Most solar companies the Green Connect have been involved with handle each step of the process. See our list of recommended San Diego solar companies in the Green Connect company directory.

Step 1 – The Design

Some solar power systems come standard but in order to maximize the efficiency and productivity of the system several elements need to be factored into the design. These elements range on the location and size of the area where the system is going to be installed. How much energy the property is anticipating the system generates and obviously what areas on the property get the most sun exposure.

Step 2 – The Installation

Once the design in completed and the necessary permits have been obtained then it is time for the installation. This is the most straightforward aspect on the solar process. The solar contractors come out and install the solar panels, inverter, potential cells and wiring linking the energy to the property. Now the home is operating on electricity that was generated from energy that was acquired from the sun.

Step 3 – The Maintenance

Even thought solar panels get their energy from the most abundant source of energy in our solar system the panels, solar, cells, and inverters are just like any other mechanical part and need to be inspected and maintained regularly. Just like getting periodically getting an oil change for your car the solar panels need to be inspected to insure they are running and optimal performance. However depending on the solar company you work with they may require physical inspections onsite or some companies are able to monitor the panels electronically.