Google Shows “Green” via Tour of Data Centers

There are some companies that go “Green” because they are being responsible to their environment and there are some companies that do it because it is an opportunity to money. Then there are the companies that go Green because they know it is an opportunity to be operate more efficiency and cost effective as well as environmentally responsible. Google may be one of those companies that really went all the way.

Google recently came out with a tour of their data centers, which can be found by going to From there you explore via reading, watching and listing to the many resources Google has created showing their commitment to running Green. As we mentioned we love there recent release of a tour of how their data centers operates and they have a great walk-through, “the Story of Send”.

Google Data Centers

Overall, it was interesting to learn the methods Google implements to both converse energy and us it in the most effective manner that fits within their operations.

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