Green Tips around the Garage

Here are some easy green tips that can be applied around your garage to help insure you are saving what energy you can and you are not wasting any of the energy you do use.

1. Rechargeable Tools:

Just remember when you are not using or charging you power tools to unplug them. It is that simple, most rechargeable power tools now can hold a charge for several months so there is no need to have them plugged into the wall. Even though when they are still plugged in to the wall they are only consuming a fraction of energy each month that is energy that does not need to be used.

2. Garage Refrigerator

If you have an extra refrigerator in your garage be sure it is set to a appropriate temperature and to clean the coils regularly. Just making sure the temperature is not higher than it should be can save your refrigerator form having to work harder than it should. Being in the garage it is most likely exposed to more dust and grim than the refrigerator in your kitchen. Maintaining clean coils  insures the machine is able to run at optimal performance and consume less energy. When it comes to refrigerators, they can uses up to 2.5% more energy for every degree the surrounding temperature is above 70 degrees so just make sure it is in the coolest place possible and ideally not right next to the water heater.

Green Garage Tips

3. Lighting

We know nobody’s garage actually looks like the one in the picture about but is a great example of lighting. The best source of light is naturally lighting and trying to utilize as much natural lighting as possible. When natural lighting is not a available using energy efficient bulbs is ideal. Having lighter colored walls also  helps light the space up for effectively.

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